Book Discussion/Review | Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

With the cliffhanger ending of Clockwork Angel, I knew I’d need to pick up Clockwork Prince immediately! I found it just as enjoyably devastating as Clockwork Angel.

This one was a wild ride! I thought I had everything figured out, only to be betrayed over and over again.

Let’s start with one of my favorite characters…

Charlotte Branwell is a game changer for women. Given the time period in which this novel takes place, it was surprising to see a woman in charge of something as important as the Enclave. Surprising, but important. Charlotte is a headstrong and protective YOUNG woman. I think it’s important to note that she was so young and running the Institute – I mean, it’s only mentioned once (I think!), but Charlotte is only a few years older than Jem and Will! While they are nearing 18, Charlotte only clocks in at 23!

What upset me most about the betrayals in this novel were that they happened because of someone Charlotte nurtured. The fact that a member of the London Institute was willing to sell out the members of their family both shocked and appalled me. The thing is though, I feel like I let myself down because I felt like I should have known the betrayer was going to betray!

The romance was also incredibly similar to a roller coaster. At first, I thought Jem and Tessa seemed like a better fit. Jem’s kindness toward Tessa is exactly what she needs (and deserves), especially after Will’s intentional cruelty to her on the roof of the Institute. It is understood that Will’s curse is what causes him to push Tessa away, but it really is inexcusable to treat someone – especially someone you love – as Will did.

But then I read about Will’s heartbreak and my heart broke for him. I absolutely adore Jem, but in my mind Will is perfect for Tessa. They are the same!

Another tidbit that made me happy, similar to Clockwork Angel, is the friendship that formed between Magnus and Will. With Magnus being my absolute favorite character, I need more of him in my life. The fact that he played a bigger role in this book made my heart sing. While it is clear he adores Will, it is also evident that he is not romantically interested in Will. The friendship that formed between them better helped me to understand what exactly Alec was jealous of in TMI.

Similar to Clockwork Angel, we have excellent bad guys. Though the Magister is still the Big Bad Guy, there are lesser bad guys in this one too! This is needed, in my opinion. Smaller tasks on the quest to the larger task are what motivate me to continue to read stories – especially when the story spans multiple books. Having both Tessa’s brother, Nate, and members of the Enclave as bad guys really helped drive this book forward. Also… though I love Izzy and Alec, I was surprised to see more Lightwood’s involved in messed up shit than just Maryse and Robert. Good lord, the Lightwoods know how to go big or go home! XD

Overall, this was just as good as Clockwork Angel and it definitely hyped me up for the concluding novel of this trilogy.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Who’s betrayal was more shocking to you? Benedict Lightwood or Jessamine Lovelace?

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