Book Discussion/Review | Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Did you know it’s entirely possible to laugh, cry, and scream while reading a book written by Cassandra Clare? I’ve experienced many emotions while reading her books, but nothing prepared me for the emotions I’d experience while reading Clockwork Princess.

First of all, I hate certain tropes. Love triangles being the main trope that I can’t stand; alas, it is not the time to discuss my hatred for this. However, if there is a single person who I have faith in doing the trope correctly, it’s Cassandra Clare.

The main thing I like about the Jem, Tessa, Will triangle is that it is by no means cringe. It works. There’s no jealousy involved – not even when Jem finally realizes Will is in love with Tessa. Not only is he not jealous, but he basically gives his blessing to Will. Why else would he entreat Will to go after and rescue Tessa from the Magister?

The whole triangle between Will, Tessa, and Jem made me feel all sorts of emotions. I have always wanted Will and Tessa to end up together (the hero saves the lady in the beginning of every great love story, after all!) so it was confusing for me to also be rooting for James. I think it’s the sweetness that did me in. I wanted James to get his happy ending with Tessa so freaking much, so when he died, I was scream crying.

What’s worse about Jem’s death is I KNEW he didn’t die. I KNEW he became Brother Zachariah, but reading about the severance of the parabati bond from Will’s perspective was devastating. I actually thought, at least for a moment, he died! My whole heart shattered because neither Tessa nor Will were there with him.

And then, when Jem showed up as Brother Zachariah to help battle Mortmain, my heart started racing. It was as if I was experiencing the story through Tessa and Will’s eyes. It was beautiful.

Like I said, I have always wanted Will and Tess to be together, but for them to sleep together the same day Jem (Tessa’s betrothed) died was a little too much for me. They love each other, sure, but Tessa never so much as expressed to Will how she really felt. It was nuts to me that she, a lady of some propriety, would hook up with Will without telling him she loved him too. I get it, they thought they were going to die the next day, but this was a stretch for me! It didn’t need to happen to drive the story forward. Although… I did enjoy Magnus finding them the following morning!

Gaining closure about the origin of the Herondale star birthmark was amazing. I thought it was beautiful and I loved the nod to Ithuriel again. That poor angel really went through it!

The severing of the human bonds between Jem, Tessa, and Will was almost too much for me. Again, I almost cried – when Jem was talking to Tessa, and again when Jem was talking to Will. It made my heart sing that Tessa agreed to meet with Jem once a year on Blackfriar’s Bridge and it made me equally happy that Jem told Will their secret. It’s like he knew, somehow, that Tessa and Will would end up together.

Oh, and I couldn’t believe the freaking Consul in this! I thought he was FOR Charlotte Branwell! What a horrid man. I was happy with his ending. And so sad for Henry’s fate. Although, it could’ve been worse for him, I suppose…

Finally, the Epilogue…

I haven’t sobbed my way through an Epilogue since I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Reading about Tessa and Will’s life together, however briefly, meant everything to me. Reading about Will’s death absolutely destroyed my heart. Jem playing for Will, even though Silent Brother’s do not play music, in his final moments made me sob harder than ever. And when Tessa saw Jem, not Brother Zachariah, on the bridge, I gasped with delight (even if I knew she’d find out he was her Jem again eventually). Tessa is definitely among my favorite characters so seeing her get her second great love made me so happy.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

What emotion did you feel the most of while reading Clockwork Princess?

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