Book Review | To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

My January TBR was chock full of peril and strife. Such is the case when you read a ton of Cassandra Clare in one month. I lived in constant fear for my favorite characters and even though Will died as an old man, I still sobbed my heart out over him.

Because January was a pretty heavy month, in terms of wars and what have you, I wanted to start February out with a lighthearted and fun read. (Not that my January reads weren’t fun… they were just… devastating).

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is one of my sister’s favorite books. When I learned Netflix was adapting it for film, I knew I’d have to read the book. But I waited… and waited… and didn’t order my damn set until after the movie was released. And you better believe I couldn’t wait to watch the movie.

So I did. I loved it.

When I finally picked up the book, I was ready! Ready to love the characters as much as I loved the film characters.

This is sort of a book v. movie comparison review. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear some of your thoughts on both!

Josh Sanderson

I hated Movie Josh. He was nice, but he made Lara Jean really uncomfortable in the movie. While Book Josh was much nicer, he still made Lara Jean quite uncomfortable. That said, I still like Book Josh more than Movie Josh.

Book Josh is sweet to everyone in the Covey family. He isn’t just nice to Margot. This doesn’t really differ in the movie, but it was definitely more prominent in the book. We get to see a side of him that isn’t present in the movie. We get more depth about his relationship with the Covey sisters and because of that I was able to like him a lot more in the book.

Peter Kavinsky

I didn’t like Book Peter at first. He was arrogant and kind of mean. As time progressed he became the Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo portrayed in the film. I thought it was cute the way he was jealous of Josh because it let us see that they way he feels about Lara Jean wasn’t fake for very long.

You can kind of see this in the movie, but again, the details set out in the book really let the reader know and love Peter so much. Even without a film version, I can see Book Peter really setting the boyfriend bar pretty high. Noah’s portrayal was kinda the icing on the cake!

Lara Jean Song Covey

I like Lara Jean a lot! She’s introverted and a reader and a hopeless romantic. However, it was foolish of her to keep the letters in her hatbox considering she knows her little sister better than anyone. Of course it was going to be Kitty who mailed her letters!

In terms of the letters, I thought they were sweet. Lara Jean’s letter to Lucas was probably my favorite and it makes me happy that a friendship formed from that particular letter.

I like Lara Jean’s Asian Halloween costume conviction. I loved her as Cho Chang and it was definitely not a coincidence that Josh was Harry. Also, speaking of Harry Potter – I screamed when I read that Lara Jean’s favorite is Prisoner of Azkaban because SAME.

Concluding Thoughts

John Ambrose Mclaren was mentioned a lot in the book. It seems like he and Peter are (or were) good friends at one point in time. Peter’s reaction to Lara Jean being kissed by Josh was everything I expected it to be. The showdown between Margot and Lara Jean was a sister battle royale and Kitty’s confession was really well executed.

Jenny Han’s writing is addicting. When I finished To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before I was ready immediately for PS I Still Love You.

And this book was exactly what I needed to start my February. It set the bar quite high and now that I’ve read the books, I’m also ready for the next film.

Overall, I enjoyed both the movie and the book, and I didn’t change my mind about the movie once I’d finally finished the book so that’s a plus!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟💫

What did you think? Was the book better or the movie?

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  1. Good to know you enjoyed this book! I did too and I certainly didn’t like Josh either (although I didn’t like him both in the book and movie. Hehe.) I have yet to read PS I Love You 🙂 Good review!

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