Book Review | PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before really set the bar for YA romance novels, in my opinion. Jenny Han’s writing is easy to digest and, at times, laugh out loud funny. When I finished To All the Boys, I was thirsty for more of Han’s writing.

For me, unfortunately, PS I Still Love You fell a little short.

Believe me, it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the second novel in this trilogy because I definitely did! I’m honestly think To All the Boys set my expectations really high for a second novel and I was just a little disappointed.

Here are some thoughts

Margot and Lara Jean

The oldest Song girls really remind me of myself and my best friend. Especially in the scene where Lara Jean and Margot are talking about boys. We may both be married and mothers, but we still talk about our husbands they way Lara Jean and Margot discuss boys.

Lara Jean and Peter

Obviously there’s tension between these two. Lara Jean can’t get over Gen and it causes a lot of strain on her relationship with Peter. They have tiffs, but when they make up it is adorable. I also really liked Peter’s mom telling Lara Jean off for hurting his heart. She’s me in 10 years.


Ok.. we all know that Peter Kavinsky sets the bar for high school boys. I mean, come on, he sneaks into Lara Jean’s room just to spoon with her. And when he takes Kitty out for her birthday. The way he treats Kitty is exactly how I hope my boys treat their potential girlfriends’ potential little sister. Also, I think he treat Lara Jean incredibly well for a high school boy. Obviously they hurt each other, but he is always so up front about fixing things. I admire him as a character. I really admire the dynamic between Kitty and Peter throughout the book. It makes me so happy how much he looks out for Kitty – even when he and Lara Jean aren’t together.  

The Infamous Video

Something I was on the lookout for in To All the Boys was the infamous video. I realize now that they took the video scene from this book and added it to the movie of To All the Boys. I was worried that Hollywood just made up the video for dramatic flair.

Stormy is related to…

Do you need a sassy old lady in your reading life? Look no further because this (and To All the Boys showcases the sassiest of sassy old ladies. Stormy is who I strive to be when I’m old and living in a retirement home. Not that I want to marry several times, but I Hope I still have the gams when I’m her age. And she’s a certain young man’s grandmother!! What!!

John Ambrose Mclaren

I wanted to go into this book Team Peter, but after finishing it, I can see why so many people love John Ambrose Mclaren. He really is so sweet! I didn’t see him as a romantic interest for Lara Jean though. I definitely preferred him as a friend.


Who doesn’t love when a childhood game makes a return to teenage-dom? This was honestly my favorite part of the book. I enjoyed the look back at the group as children playing this game and I really loved the strategies that went into playing the game as teens. It was wonderful and really fun.

Concluding thoughts

I thought the ending was super sweet. It definitely picked up more for me at the end. I guess it turned around toward the end too, but the middle was kinda hard for me to get through because I felt frustrated while reading. Overall, it wasn’t a bad second part to a story.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Are you Team Peter or Team John? Tell me who (and why!) in the comments!

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