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I feel obligated to describe some of the comings and goings of this website. Bee the Booknerd is largely dedicated to book reviews. In this article, I will break down the difference between a book review and a book discussion/review so that you, a reader of this website, will know if you should read a review or a discussion/review. I will also disclose my rating system (i.e. how I decide how many stars each book I review should receive).

Book Reviews

All book reviews aim to be SPOILER FREE on Bee the Booknerd. Occasionally a slip will occur (we can’t all be perfect all the time) and for those slip-ups, I’d like to apologize in advance. I often read reviews and get really annoyed when there are spoilers involved, which is why I make every effort to avoid being a spoily reviewer.

There are times, especially when I read Cassandra Clare’s work, that I feel the need to dig a little deeper. That’s when our next topic comes forward.

Book Discussions & Reviews

If you see the title “Book Discussion/Review” you should under no circumstance read that post until you have read the book in question. Book Discussions and Reviews are SPOILER FILLED. I write these posts almost as a journal for my thoughts and feelings while reading whatever book that post is about so you will find plenty of spoilers.

If I’m discussing a book you haven’t read but want to, I recommend saving that particular post to a Pinterest board and coming back to it later. I won’t be offended and I’m always happy to continue discussions in the comments of these posts if you want to chime in!

Rating System

5 Stars: I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I’d be reluctant to let someone borrow my copy because I’ll more than likely want to read this book again at some point. I think about this book almost every day and it has, in some way, touched my heart. I am probably still singing the praises of this book.

4.5 Stars: I’d probably recommend this to anyone, it just wasn’t quite on par with my 5 star reads. I probably felt something strong about this book, and I’d probably read it again but something was lacking somewhere (i.e. plot, characters, writing) to boost it up to a 5.

 4 Stars: I really liked this book, but it probably didn’t invoke strong enough feelings in me to be a 4.5 or a 5. I would recommend it to someone I know enjoys the genre, but not necessarily to everyone. I probably think of the book when someone mentions a similar novel, but might forget about it for months until I look closely at Goodreads again.

3.5 stars:  Still a good rating. It was a good book, but the plot needed more development. Maybe the characters were lacking depth. Basically, I enjoyed the book, but it needed something to oomph it up a little more.

3 Stars: This book was average. It kept my attention for the most part with interesting characters or dialogue but needed something to add pizzazz. I would recommend it to a person if I knew they would for sure like it – perhaps if the person mentioned liking the author or similar authors.

2.5 Stars: This book probably wasn’t meant for me. It was written for someone, but I am not the intended reader. Maybe it kept my interest for the first few chapters, but eventually my mind began to wander. It is likely that I considered DNF-ing this book.

2 Stars: I did not appreciate this book. There is something about it that I viscerally dislike. I would recommend this book to an English teacher because they’re probably the only ones who could appreciate it! (Not trying to be shady – I thought about being an English teacher!)

1.5 Stars: This book was not worth the time I spent considering whether I would DNF or not. I probably finished it and hated every minute wasted on it. It was probably a piece of literature assigned to me when I was in high school. It was also probably written by Ernest Hemingway.

1 Star: I hated this book with every fiber of my being. I consider it the bane of my existence and couldn’t, in good consciousness, advise anyone to read it. It probably has characters like Cathy Earnshaw in it.

0.5 Star (or 0): It’s even worse than the bane of my existence. Thinking about this novel fills me with rage. DNF-d it or finished it and spent weeks being furious with myself.

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