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20 Questions Book Tag

You guys, I googled a book series I mentioned in this video and there were actually 75 books in that series. No, I’m not even joking. Like WHY?! I can barely function with 5 books in a series and you want me to read 70 more!! WHO EVEN DOES THAT?! I’m still losing my shit…

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August TBR

I don’t normally like these things, but here we go. Watch me choose my August TBR using a random number generator because I’m a #basicbooktuber

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Used Book Haul | BookEnds

I like to buy books, but I don’t always love buying brand spankin’ new books. I’m on a budget and I’m also a conscious consumer – so I buy used books. Today’s book haul is brought to you by a library’s used book store! (Not Sponsored – I just shopped there!) I believe in supporting…

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Booktube Newbie Tag

Hi there! I finally got around to creating some content for my Youtube channel. Here’s my first video. The object of this channel is to share more bookish content with you all and to gain confidence on camera for my graduate school classes. Enjoy!

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